About Resilient People

On this page you can read more about us, our purpose, what we contribute with, and the difference we aim to make with Resilient People.

What is it all about?

In order to work with organizational resilience, we must be able to change the way we relate.

This means asking questions about what we understand as knowledge, how we understand our knowledge, and how we think we know something. It’s our belief that if we view an organization in a different way, it will look different and provide new opportunities. This change of perception is a prerequisite for working with resilience. And this is what we help organizations do.

It requires experience and understanding of mechanical as well as social dynamics and the interaction between them. Only then can you work with organizational resilience. It also requires the ability to balance between the classic “hard” risk management tools and the modern “soft” systemic process facilitation. Finally, it requires a strict focus on value creation to ensure the work of resilience creates a real difference and value in everyday life.

Why Resilient People?

We are a hand-picked team that represents diverse backgrounds. This results in different approaches and understandings, but always with resilience as the key element.

Our experience comes from working with customers from widely different industries, including Kemp & Lauritzen, Kriminalforsorgen (the Danish Prison and Probation Service), Royal Artic Lines, The United Nations, and DJØF. For the past 10 years, we have worked with more than 80 companies and organizations.

Our perspectives

The future calls for new ways of thinking that challenge our existing understanding of how the world is connected and how we most appropriately relate to it. Our surroundings and the organizational reality are far more complex than what we have been taught at educational institutions. In fact, it’s even more complex than our brain will allow us to fully comprehend.

In some contexts, it makes sense to try to prevent and minimize violent changes and influences through standard tools and models. This could, for example, be based on best practices. In other contexts, the changes and influences are so complex to understand and handle that the tools we have are useless. Instead, they can make the situation worse.

We believe that functioning and effective social systems, as well as flexible systems and processes, are the prerequisites for an organization to recover after an unexpected change and impact. And maybe even be strengthened. It is not about implementing more rigid procedures but rather strengthening the human capital of the organization. Especially their integration with strategies and management technologies. The organizational systems.

In effect, our counseling and training programs are with a persistent and stringent focus on:

  • The individual (understanding, behavior, ability to reflect, etc.)
  • Relationships (communication, cooperation, culture, etc.)
  • Organization (team, network, management, etc.)
  • Technology (Processes, Production, IT, etc.)

Our core services

The core service in Resilient People is to strengthen organizational systems to make sure the organization will not succumb to future critical events. Instead, the organization will be able to absorb the event, re-orientate, thrive with the disruption and become even better in dealing with similar incidents in the future.

We train and consult organizations to become even more resistant to unexpected interruptions in daily life as well as major unintended changes that can affect operation, quality and deliveries.

Quality assurance

Our advice, services, and products are based on the guidelines for practical application of the concept of resilience and associated delimitations, as evidenced by the understandings and concept definitions cf. the ISO / DIS 22316: 2017 document. Contact us for further information.

Who started Resilient People?

Claus Bjørnelund

Claus Bjørnelund

Concept & Strategy

Focus: Develop training concepts and professional quality assurance in Resilient People as well as the design and facilitation of development projects. Daily operations, customer contact, training of own consultants, lectures, and facilitation of development projects.

Background: Head of the private and public sector for the past 20 years in production, service and security and defense. Both in Denmark and abroad. Teacher and lecturer specializing in organizational learning, professional conversations, security, and preparedness. Qualified Examiner for the diploma and bachelor programs in management, organization, enterprise risk management, crisis management as well as methodology and science theory. 

Education: Master of Science in Public Administration from Aalborg University, MA in International Crisis Management from the University of Copenhagen, MA in Organizational Learning from Aalborg University, certified psychotherapist specializing in crisis management, diploma modules in team management and networking, etc.

Søren Greve

Søren Greve

Compliance & Quality

Focus: Co-developer of training concepts and ethical quality assurance in Resilient People. Head of ensuring the transition between Resilient People’s ethical compass, the professional services and the international ISO standard for organizational resilience. Facilitator on development projects.

Background: Chief and management positions in the police force with experience in operations, exploration, analysis, and intelligence. In-depth knowledge of security and emergency challenges in both the public and private sectors. Lecturer assessor at Metropol University College during the Disaster Management and Risk Management program.

Education: Master of Arts in International Crisis Management from the University of Copenhagen, and Police Academy executive management. Also, Diploma in International Management, Project Management, Team Management & Networking, plus Didactics and Teacher Processes.

Pablo Villanueva Holm-Nielsen

Pablo Villanueva Holm-Nielsen

Business & Production

Focus: Projects, counseling, and education for cases that require strategy, management, production, Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Management to be connected. With perspectives in relation to the resilience and social dynamics of the organization.

Background: Interdisciplinary International project manager and researcher. Translation between different trades. Consultant in the international industry. Specialized in Business Continuity Management. Counseling of large and medium-sized groups regarding risk management and protection of their business and production. Researcher in telecommunications as well as risk and disaster management. Lecturer at Metropol University of Applied Sciences.

Education: PhD From the Technical University of Denmark, MA in International Crisis Management from the University of Copenhagen, MA in Economics from Barcelona University, MSc in Telecommunications from Polytechnic University in Barcelona, various certificates in Business Continuity Management, etc.