Organizational resilience

What is organizational resilience? We describe key elements here

What is organizational resilience?

Organizations are challenged by unintentional and intrusive strains and influences that can come from outside as well as from within. It could be the effects of extreme weather, terrorism, fire, disruptive technologies, cyber-related events, disruptive new competition or unforeseen government intervention. Several of these could be labeled disruption, which most organizations have encountered in some way. It could also be deliberately harmful actions by colleagues, suppliers, or customers. In a worst case scenario, any of these challenges can result in the end of an organization.

Some events can be anticipated while others come unexpectedly and suddenly. They may arise as a small bump in the road that can be easily overcome and might even end up strengthening the organization. However, the result can also be a complete and permanent shut-down.

Resilience is used to describe the organization’s ability to handle and adapt to changes and influences. Both the small everyday issues as well as those that definitively change an organization.

Resilience is: Flexibility, absorption, elasticity, survival, stamina, well-being, adaptability.

It’s about thriving in change, getting things done and pulling together. In short; Raising your game through awareness and diversity.

At Resilient People, we help organizations become resilient against unintended and intrusive strains and influences.